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Dangers of Alcohol for The Stomach

A few drinks in the market today may have been mixed with alcohol, although alcohol reading measures 0%. This can happen because the alcohol could have an impact on the human body to consume them. Actually, pure alcohol should not be consumed by humans. Which is often consumed drinks containing alcohol similar material, usually is ethyl alcohol or ethanol (CH3CH2OH). This material is produced from the fermentation of malt sugars contained and some fruits such as hops, grapes and so forth.

In the data below can be seen on the dose of alcohol contained in beverages on the market.
- Beer : 2 – 8 %
- Dry wine : 8 – 14 %
- Vermouth : 18 – 20 %
- Cocktail wine : 20 – 21 %
- Cordial : 25 – 40 %
- Spirits : 40 – 50 %
On the consumption of alcohol in large amounts will have an impact on the stomach and several other digestive tract. This is due to substances that exist in the alcohol is not desired by the body and the body's rejection response is damage to the gastric system. If something like this happens as a result of alcoholic beverages will be immediately given first aid at a nearby hospital.

May we avoid the danger of damage to the stomach and other digestive organs to stop from now on not to drink alcohol. Better we all consume water that has been clearly can help our health.
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