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Knowladge of Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation

Cardiac pulmonary resuscitation is a way to help the victims in critical circumstances where the helper must perform an action quickly in a matter of time. Resuscitation containing a literal sense re├źnacting , certainly intended efforts can be done for preventing an episode of stopping the heart continues to death biologically .

Basic life assistance effort
Is made to keep the way of breath (airway) remain open, supporting respiratory and circulation and without the use of props. This effort should begin by recognizing the circumstances in a timely or non-stop-stop the heart breath and immediately provide help circulation and ventilation. Enterprise BHD aims to quickly maintain pasok oxygen to the brain, heart and other vital tools while waiting for further treatment. Experience shows that cardiac pulmonary resuscitation will work mainly on the State of "stoping the heart"" which witnessed heart (witnessed) where resuscitation immediately carried out by people who were in the vicinity of the victim.

Advanced life support
Is the work done after attempt basic life by providing drugs that can prolong the patient's life.

Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation aims to restore the function of the respiratory or circulation, and handling of non-stop breath (respiratory arrest) and or stop the heart (cardiac arrest), which function is a total failure because that allows for a normal life. As for the CAUSE of NON-STOP BREATH are:
1. Can breath caused road Blockage due to foreign objects, aspirations, the tongue falling backwards, pipe kanula trakhea trakhea folded, clogged, acute abnormalities glotis and surroundings (sembab glotis, bleeding).
2. the Central respiratory Depression: drugs, intoxication, low Pa Pa O2, CO2 is high, after a non-stop heart, brain tumor and sank.Peripheral: disabling muscle disease drug, miastenia gravis, poliomyelitis.

Hopefully this article will be useful for you and you can do to help people who in an emergency by the time he may heal fast.
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